Tuesday, May 09, 2006

"arr q", "piss", "arr kum"

that is ryan's version of thank you. Whenever i give him something or i ask him to do something i always say thank you. teaching him that he has to say thank you if somebody give something.
Everyday, after i bath him and comb his hair , he will say "arr q" and kiss kiss (kiss me on my lips)
** that melts my heart***

ryan's version of please. I teach him how to say please at the right time. Everytime, i change his diaper he likes to kick his leg, so i always say "ryan please mou tek(dun kick)". so nowadays, everytime i change his diaper, he will tease me firs by kicking once and twice then he will say "piss piss" --kinda waiting for me to say please to him..when i say please, then he will stop kicking and he will say "okie"
**such a cheeky boy*

ryan's version of welcome... he is learning the welcome word nowadays..not as good with the thank you though.. but when he say "ar q" , i will say u r welcome.. then he will follow me and says "arr kum"

**his english is not that good..but hopefully will be better as time goes by**


Joez said...

so young already such a darling...hehe. I think this 'gene' comes from his Pg grandpa, hehe.

Zara's Mama said...

so cute ler.. and so polite..

He speaks better Cantonese?

Gene Lim said...

sis: yea i think so, very gatai and lemak one eh

zara's mama: yea he speaks better cantonese coz he learn cantonese at home..and english from tv. :)
but rite now i am teaching him english as in those educational stuff.
so that when he starts junior kindy he won't get culture shock :)