Friday, May 19, 2006

i am sick again

hate it ..when i am sick ..coz i couldn't lie down and rest anytime i want due to Ryan wants attention all the time. I dun like when i am sick...i haven't been sick since RYan is born eh...Thank God..coz i couldn't get hard to babysit kids when u r sick.. sigh..i guess my body system is running very low now...
I got back my sinus , pollen.. so i am sneezing and my nose is congested again whole day and nite.
i couldn;t take the medicine due to the drowsiness...arghhhhhhhhhhhh

i just wish somebody can take over my place for just few hours!! whooooo will? sighhh...

i feeel bad for ryan too..can't really concentrate to play with him whole day... i can't wait till 5.30 that Kit can take over..
this is the time u wish u have control over the clock..hehehehe :)

anway,i hope we will have a good weekend.


Joez said...

Sis, take good care. Me too, was on two days MC due to very bad flu n now starts coughing liao.
Hope u recover soon.

Gene Lim said...

sis: i will..infact i am much better just that the pollen is very bad these came on and very annoying.
u more eh..i think is due to u have less sleep and ur body system is weak. hey...try to make some chinese herb soup good for ur body one eh...

geetha said...

Hope you're feeling much better today :)

Hmmm, may be that's a better part of having PIL to stay with you? She can take over for a while in this situations ;)

G said...

Ouch, poor you, allergic to pollen (my hubbby is like that also)! Get well soon! Wish we live near, Ryan could play at my home while you rest at yours :)

Zara's Mama said...

You don't have a baby sitter whom you can call at times like this?

It's tough to be sick and having a toddler to care for because they are always on the move.

Hope you get well soon.

Gene Lim said...

geetha: thanks dear! yea that's the only positive thing i can think of and to remind myself of that everyday now...hehehe.. i am much much better today :) i guess the allergy season is almost over :)

G: Aweee..ur hubby too huh..umm they said try allegra D is good wor..or Claritin... that's what i am taking now... :) i know... i can just drop him over hor? hehhe...oh well..what can u do..

Zara's mama: Well, we do have this community service where u can drop ur young ones at a day care and they look after ur child while u go settle ur errands and etc...but i dun think i can trust stranger to handle my kid.. i do not know that person and their skills too..u know what i mean? furthermore.. i dun have relatives living nearby me...this is the negative side of living abroad..u dun have relatives that can help u when u needed help :(
We haven't got any break since Ryan is born eh... So kit and i are desparetly looking forward for a big break for just the 2 of us