Tuesday, May 23, 2006

i am much better now

I am soo much better now, still have little bit of cough when my throat is dry(at first i didn't know coughing is also sign from the allegry till i heard it from FIL's friend on sunday-he had it too..his was very bad)

Our long weekend was not bad. I took my ex-boss and colleague to Mississauga for shopping at Yuan Ming( chinese groccery store). They love it..especially Anita. BOy she shop like crazy..everything to her is very cheap :)
At first i planned to treat them dim sum..but too bad Anita wanted to go back early so no dim sum that day. After the groccery shopping, we stopped by at my SIL's place to pick up BIL (kit's younger bro) to come over to Hamilton to stay overnite at our place...coz sunday we planned to go to Scarborough...furthermore, MIL wanted to see him very much.
(they have a very strange relationship..coz my bil grew up without parents around..so he seldom talk to my PIL)
i can't blame him coz he grew up here not malaysia...different background...and my pil have different culture and thinking.
MIL dun understand him and soo eager to communicate with him but..he just won't wanna say a thing..just yes or no only..
Sighhhhhhhhh... it is sad to see this situation..as a mother...i am aching inside..coz i cannot imagine if Ryan treats me like this..
as a child myself... i pitty my bil..coz i really looking forward for my parents love...but all i have is just constant nagging and no to my wishes..without listening to it first.
My pil just dun understand him...

So i always try to talk my BIL...he is just 2 years younger than me..so we can click very well. Still young and looking for a gf..
he is saving very hard to get his own place so that he can have his own life...but too bad he didn't get any support from his parents. :(
what a shame.... he is not asking for money...all he is asking is support and courage. :(
If we have enough money we will help him... Kit and I understand his situation..and try to help him as much as we can.
Ryan loves him too...his fav uncle.. :)

Anyway,back to our weekend, sunday was okie...got back early managed to buy some pirated dvds..hehehehe
and monday, we just stayed home and clean up for pil moving in. So much to do...they are moving in this coming June 11th.
I am praying hard everynite... for His guidance,wisdom, love and strength for me to go through this challenge.
Just keep me strong and protected from all the evil plans! AMEN!


Zara's Mama said...

Wow.. so complex between your BIL's relationship with his parents..

Your PIL moving over soon eh? Good luck to you..

geetha said...

Yeah, I have heard of such situations.. so pity hor. As time goes by, with more exposure, they may learn to live with each other..

Gene Lim said...

ZM: yea.. even kit with his parents too..they dun get a good r/ship with their parents. differnt background i would say :)
THANKS DEAR! i need alot!

Geetha: i hope so... really hope things can turn over a better side between them :)

G said...

Gene, glad to hear you're feeling much better now. Your BIL's relationshp with your PIL sounds exactly like my hubby and his parents (no conversations, no moral support, etc ... when having dinner with them, nobody said a word, pin dropped also can hear, aiyooo .. so awkward). Hope things will be better once your PIL moved in with you all.

Gene Lim said...

G: yea lor yea lor..the same here too..at first i felt soo weird man.. my family doesn't act like this..it will be like soo noisy till the roof will collapse eh..hahahah..it is soo different from kit's background...i understand ur situation man..we are the same.. :)