Wednesday, May 24, 2006

pictures this and that

Some pictures of Ryan i have taken weeks ago. Don't have the time to download earlier.. yea the first one, Ryan and Kit were on the driveway on evening , came back from the wagon ride :)
Second and third one were fun time at bath time. Is a must for Ryan to play water first b4 his bath.
and the last one is when he was sound asleep on the sofa. ..that is his favourite blanket ..where he drags everywhere he goes. can't live without it!


Zara's Mama said...

I'm always amazed by how kids can suck in their stomach, and show those skinny ribs no matter how plum they are.

Zara does that too.. and she'll look all bones!

geetha said...

Nice to have a favourite thing.. the blanket. Champion and lil' President doesn't.

G said...

Cute Ryan!

Gene Lim said...

ZM: yup..amazing kids huh :)

Geetha: Well lucky u dear! coz it is hard for me to wash his blanket..he will go s earch the whole house and we have to buy another same one..thought we can bluff him..but nooooooooo...the new one doesn't have his smell..hehehe

G: thanks dear :)