Wednesday, May 10, 2006

study study and study

Kit is on 3 days study leave. This morning Ryan woke up and check kit's room and saw him still sleeping, he was soo happy and woke kit up by saying "hei san ar" (get up)..."ar ning" .."hello"...keep repeating those words non-stop till kit got up! Ryan always check kit's room everyday when he woke up hoping to see his daddy still at home :) hehehe

After breakfast, i played awhile with Ryan (trying to distract Ryan from Kit while kit went upstairs to study)
I brought him out to the backyard to play some dirt. Gosh he loves dirt and always got his hands and feet dirty.
but he really enjoyed himself very much.

We stayed outside till abt noon time and i asked him to go inside and wash his hands and feet . After washing him, he said "huggie huggie" "kiss Kiss" hehehe..yea he learned new action which is hug hug..and he said huggie..and kiss kiss..
he did that sort of like thanking me for bringing him out to play :)
such a cheeky boy!

Poor kit..been staying upstairs almost the whole day till now. He is taking break now playing with Ryan. He has to play with RYan..coz Ryan treat him like a playmate instead of daddy..hahahha
Ryan is more afraid of me than Kit. So KIt always got bully by Ryan.


Zara's Mama said...

It's good for Kit to play with Ryan too.. to relax his mind about from all the heavy text.

Joez said...

AhhHhhh...I also want huggie huggie ;)

All the best to Kit.

G said...

How wonderful that your son bonds so well with daddy :)

Oh wow what a surprise about your in laws wanting to move in with you & Kit. All will be well once you do full time study and work full time. Nursing is a great choice! I hv utmost respect for nurses.