Thursday, April 20, 2006

Business and Company Law

Boyyyyyyy it's been awhile since i took that 2 subjects : Business and Company law.. not my favourite subjects but i had to do it to collect my credit points in order to graduate.
I remember having hard time to study and understand the law terms but certain parts really fun to study..such as contract sections.

Why am i suddenly talking abt these 2 subjects? Well, Kit has enrolled himself for an exam of Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologist certificate and this exam is next May 13th.
the first 2 parts of this certificate involve Business and Company Law. Oh boyy, our dear friend here hasn't start any of it yet..
Very smart of him, never want to waste anymore time..asking me to summarize the law part for him so that he just read my notes insteas of the whole book.

It is tough to study part time while working full time and having family as well. Ryan is constantly glued to Kit whenever Kit is home from work. Sometimes i really pitty Kit coz he never gets the rest at all. Least i get 1-2 hours rest when Ryan is taking his afternoon nap.
Ryan is more a daddy's boy than a mommy's boy...lucky me for that..hehehehe

Gotta go study now.. is hard to study now when u stop studying for so long ....need some boost juice for my brain...tea? coffee? aiks...cannot la..rosak my diet...drink water la.. :)


Zara's Mama said...

Good luck.. don't think I can study now..
My boss just asked me to do a course or else I wont' get promotion and increment..

Gene Lim said...

ZM: thanks :) that's what they and improve so that will do them good :)
is tough!

geetha said...

Wah, so nice ah you. Lucky Kit that you are helping him ;)

Hmmmm, like that, you also can sit for the exam.. extra credit for you :)

Gene Lim said...

Geetha: heeheh me nice? hehe i dun think so..i got paid doing this man... just say that my weekly allowance has increased! kekekek ;)

rose said...

How's your diet plan coming along?

Gene Lim said...

rosie: getting okie and not okie..heheh okie during weekdays..and not okie during weekend :(