Thursday, April 20, 2006

Try to save money??

Sigh... today i received 2 calls from Kit saying that he has to send his car for repair. First call happenened at 11 am, telling me that this morning his car making lotsa noise..he was afraid that he couldn't make it back home after he decided to send the car for repair at nearby Canadian Tire ( a shop specialize in auto repair and selling home hardware stuff).
He told me that his car got some problems with the bearing at both side... (this happened because last year he sent his car for a fixed (same problem) at a local individual repair shop. Not well equiped with the right tools but cost less. So instead of saving a few hundreds last year, we ended up paying more now. Kit told me at 11 am, the repair cost abt 900 bucks.
When i heard it, i was like we could use that money to buy another second hand car, maybe a toyota or honda..but we have no choice coz we needed the car badly.

Then, another call came in around 2 plus...telling me that the shop called him and told him they found another bigger problem..the bearing hub ( i am not sure is the correct spelling..and i am not really know what is he talking abt coz i dunno abt cars) well the hub has pretty much damaged due to last time the repair man didn't fix the bearing correctly..
so in order to change 2 hubs.. it will cost all together 1800 bucks
i was like going to faint when i heard it..

u see we are not soo rich, surviving with single pretty hard when things like that happen to u.
anyway, $1800 is way alot..but worth it... coz kit has to drive long distance everyday to work..i rather pay it first than sorrie later if anything happens to him..
I just hope that we dun have any emergency kinda thing like this happen.....for at least this year...hehehehe
coz we are streching the line way too much now...almost reaching to the thin line here eh..


Zara's Mama said...

It's unplanned expenses like these that affect housewhole..


But like you said.. better get it fixed..

Gene Lim said...

Zara's mama: better to get it fixed.. latest will cost $1500 instead of $1800. That is a little bit help there :)

geetha said...

Yeah, I know how you're feeling.. Sometimes these unexepected moments does occur. Hang on.. :)

Gene Lim said...

Geetha: thanks dear :)

Joez said...

wei...if not enough $, just tell me, warning, if u dun tell...hmpph!

Gene Lim said...

sis: dun worrie..we have enuf money :) just have to be careful these coming months :)