Thursday, April 13, 2006

Best friend made my day

Last night i was not feeling very good..not that i was sick though..but emotionally i was a little bit down... don't wish to go in detail overhere.. up quite early this morning..around 6 am...(usually i wake up at 8) .couldn't sleep at all... got bad headache..and felt very moody and down. I thought i can wash up and go for a walk alone b4 Kit goes to work around 6.40am.
At least a small walk around the block...get some fresh air...maybe can wash away the mushy and mashy feeling..
While i was brushing my teeth..Ryan got up and tagging along whereever i go...sigh..rosak plan pulak...
so we went downstairs..heat some milk for him to drink...change his diaper...and i look at the clock it was 6.20 am..and quite bright outside. SO i thought hey..why not i stroll Ryan round the will be the same...
I know ..i dangerous..very early and quite..but i like it i took the chance..
Well we did enjoy ourselves...i did some workout... and i took him to a playground..very nearby the house...he managed to have some fun there...
but we didn't stay long though..coz it was a littly breezy and chilly!

We got home around 7.30 am... i wash his hands and face again..n gave him his bottle of milk and we watch sesame street show together. :)
It was fun and i decided to give my best friend a call. She is my highschoolmate and best friend..
The conversation went so well...i actually miss her alot...and it really feels good when u get to catch up with ur old pal :)
she really made my day!

After talking to her.. Ryan and myself went out to the backyard for another fun thing. I clean up my garden and get prepared for spring and summer plants..and Ryan was getting busy with the dirt and jumping on the puddle!
yup..another busy and dirty day for RYan....
more work for me to do lor...more washing :) but i never complain...i dun mind the long as he had fun! :)

My day so far ..went pretty well..eventhough is just 2 plus pm rite now.. I am happy :)


Zara's Mama said...

Best friends are like a cup of hot chocolate huh??
Pick your spirit up, makes you feel all warm over..

Hey, you are spending a lot of time outdoor in this cold weather huh??

Joez said...

Sis... muaakssss !! Weekend liao, have fun :) Luv ya!

Gene Lim said...

Zara's mama: yea they are..i agree.. yuummie hot chocolate :)
..umm..not really that cold anymore, is spring already abt between 10degrees celcious to 18 degrees celcious.. i like spring and autumn/fall, coz is not too cold and not too hot :)

Sis: yea...we have long weekend Kit is not working coz is GOod Friday :)

geetha said...

Friends always lift your spirits, don't they ;)

How was Easter celebrations over there?

rose said...

I'm glad your friend made your day. Am happy for you too :)

Gene Lim said...

Geetha: Easter celebration was great. We had our simple celebration ..just enjoying our long weekend. Brought Ryan to the park and worn him out..hehehe :)
How was urs?

Rose: Thanks rosie!

geetha said...

Our celebration was good. First half of the day, we were at in-laws, while second half was spent at my parents.. The kids had the most fun..