Friday, April 07, 2006

Ryan's language

Well ryan has already turn 2 years old and his vocabulary has increased a little bit. When he was 1 year plus he can only speaks "nen nen" (milk in chinese), "arrr tttuuuu" (RYan's version of love u),"tat tat" (doing big business or pee pee), hellooooooo, bye bye..

yup that's about it... doctor said some children develop pretty slow on speech..therefore.. i have to talk more to Ryan everyday.. like as if i am talking to an adult...
Well, my effort pay off ..hehehe..rite now he can say lotsa words other than the words above..

Now he can say :

ooorr seee ar (doing big business arr in cantonese)

orrr niuu
(pee pee in cantonese)

yai yai
(notty in cantonese)

ngan ngan
(eye in cantonse)

pei pei
(nose in cantonse)

arr chai
(ear in cantonese..the rite word is yee chai.. it seems like he cannot pronounce the front word..and he likes to replace with ar)

arr pin
(niu pin for diaper in cantonese)

arr fun
(sek fan for eat rice or dinner in cantonese)

arr teen
(mou teen for no more battery in cantonese ..coz Ryan loves to play remote control car that Kit bought for him till no more battery)

this english word he learns from sesame street's cookie monster..and furthermore whenever i am changing him and he saw cookie monster picture on the diaper he will say cookie

no more
- he will say no more whenever he sees anything finish or the end..

sai sau
(wash hand in cantonese)

matt matt
(wipe in cantonese)

-he will greet me morning when he woke up every morning

arr night
-he will greet me good night when he goes to sleep

meen meen
(face in cantonese-ryan's version of wash up) -he will say that to me after he greets me morning every morning.. that includes brushing teeth and wash his face

matt chai
(socks in cantonese)

and he improves his i love u already..and rite now he can say love u in full :))

boyyy he is growing very fast rite now... time really flies... we really treasure every moments we have with him...
and of course sometimes he really drive me nuts! hehehe what to do..he is a boy plus for the past months it was too cold for us to get out!
THank GOD the weather is getting warmer... yesterday was soo beautiful ..sunny and it was 12 degrees out there.
So i took the opportunity to do my laundry and let Ryan ran outside the backyard play some dirt. YUP he loves the dirt man..he even try to catch the earth worm...but of course i watch him so that he didn't put inside his mouth..heheheh
whenever he dig his hand into the dirt..he will say ..yucky yucky ar...hehehehe
then i say yea...dirt yucky yucky...but fun to play :)
i can't wait for summer to that i can bring out the mini pool for him and play the water all he wants..
yesterday he was soo happy and tired from running around..he lay down on the deck...
at first i was like omigosh..i have to wash his hard to wash man...but then on second thought..what the hey... is all worth it..let him enjoy being dirty once in awhile...i can always clean and wash..

too bad today is gloomy day ...its been raining cats and dogs all day long since morning...that is why he is a little bit crancky today :(
but good news for the going to be double digit tempreature ...n daddy is home yay!!!


Joez said...

"morning-he will greet me morning when he woke up every morning

arr night-he will greet me good night when he goes to sleep" sweet :)

G said...

Wow it is amazing that u can teach your boy Cantonese in a gwai loh country. But it's great! Do you and Kit speak Canto at home? Most people I know (esp. if hubby is Caucasian or overseas born Chinese who cannot speak any Chinese dialect) their children usually aren't able to pick up Chinese dialects.

P/S Trust the diet is going well :)

geetha said...

Yippeee, he is speaking a lot already :)

Yeap, we have to speak to him in proper adult languages, then they will pick it up well.

It's good that you guys are speaking cantoness to him. At least, then, he wont forget his back ground ;)

Gene Lim said...

sis: Yea..he is a cutie!

G and Geetha: Yeaa... we thought we teach him cantonese first coz the more language he learn ..more opportunity for him to get work and socialise with other ppl. moreover ..he can pick up english when he goes to i am not soo worried abt the english part.

G:Well Kit is not born Canadian..he is from KL..migrated his Cantonese still with him...yea..we speaks cantonese coz he is cantonese..but i am hockchiew..from Penang..only knows Hokkien..heheh..i do teach Ryan some hokkien too..but he couldn't pick up that good...coz daddy always speaks cantonese..hehehe
Maybe later i should teach him some Bahasa too..;)

My diet? was okie during the weekdays..but all went hay-wire during the weekend! :(

Zara's Mama said...

He's so cute.. with the way he pronunce those Cantonese words..

All with ARR.. :P

You speak to him mainly in Cantonese?

Gene Lim said...

Zara's mama: yea... all the front words he replace it with "arr" :)
yea..coz Kit is cantonese and i am hokkien..i do speak to him in Hokkien..but i guess cantonese is easier for him to learn..
n english words..he learn it from tv.. and maybe later in school :)