Monday, April 17, 2006

"Siew Siew" (Smile Smile)

Ryan loves to take pictures and he loves to post for u whenever he sees u hold a camera. He learned the word "siew siew" means smile smile in cantonese. So last friday while Kit was surfing the net, he saw the digital camera..and he said "siew siew" non-stop.
What to do.. have to take pictures lor... here are some pics taken last friday and Sunday at the Waterfront trail. :)


geetha said...

Clever.. he knows how to pose well for the camera :)

He looks grown from the first time I saw him when I visited your blog.

Carry on 'siew, siew' Ryan :P

Zara's Mama said...

so cute..

Actually who he looks like? I can see his smile is like your husband's.. but can also see some of your feature in him..

letti said...

awwww....ryan so cute one!!!!! ooo kids that age can get obsessive about words..hehehe..good to hear you're doing well. Sorry i haven't been stopping by more than i should..*hugs*

Gene Lim said...

Geetha: Yea they grow soo fast eh :)

Zara's mama: Thanks :) well, i can't tell who he looks like...maybe both i guess..but for sure i know..his internal characteristics, he sure did follow mine .. ;) i mean the "bad side" ehehehe

Letti: thanks dear :) is okie... i know u are busy..but hey spring time is here...i know everyone is busy getting outside enjoying the planting and nice weather :) *hugs*