Saturday, October 24, 2009

weekend off..

Wahooooooooooooooo... i am extremely happy today and maybe tomorrow too.. this is my first weekend off and for the rest of weekend off :)
I dun have to work weekend anymore. Today we went out shopping..bought myself a winter coat London Fog original price was $129.99..but it was on sale..i save 40 bucks..i only pay 90 bucks..good one too!
I need a winter coat for work.. yippie..i am a happy what i wanted.
I bought a pair of shoe, and 2 pairs of pants for Ryan. So he is happy. Kit didn't want we went out for lunch.
Went dim sum...had a good lunch :)
Tomorrow i will go out with my galfriends to Fergus and Elora..a city that i never been. I am totally excited.

Rite now i am just spending some time to do some of Kit's law assignment. Man, it has been awhile i touch books eh... brain kinda rusty..especially when it comes to contract law..boy..the last time i took business law was 9 years ago!
Jee ..Kit really test my knowledge..that's why i am here blogging ..back to blogging!!
Thanks to Lenny... bugging me... :)

I am looking forward a great tomorrow as always!
Blessed be to the Lord for His Grace and Mercy!

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