Thursday, May 28, 2009

Practical Nurse

Yup..finished the long and brutal 2 years of Practical Nursing course.. Wrote the license examm last wednesday ..waiting to be registered!
Got a job interview last week too (a day b4 the exam) a call from them on Tuesday..I got offered a job in the hospital. This hospital is located within 5 mins drive from convenient is that.
Is an 8 hours shift compared to other hospital..which all nurses have to work 12 hours shift.
I am blessed with that good news.. rite now I am praying that I pass that exam and get my license.

Lotsa effort and hardwork for the past 2 years..and not to mention lotsa sacrifices i made to provide my family a better environment.
I am very blessed with all my family supports while i was doing this course.

Praise Him for the love, strength and blessings..AMEN!


mama bok said...

Congrats.. Gene..!! you did good..!!

mommibee said...

hey gene, u know u are an inspiration to others. i remember when u first started studying for this course and am so happy for u now. hosp at 5 mins from ur home, wow that is perfect and 8hr instead of 12hrs :)