Tuesday, December 18, 2007

No more Day Care

Yup, Ryan has stopped from going to day care since December month due to his health. Ever since Ryan started day care, he has been sick every 2 weeks. Always got either fever, running nose, or both. He has lost a lot of weight and has not been eating well.

As a result we stopped him from going to day care even though we know that he loves it very much. He has learned a lot of English and get to play along well with the kids and he even makes a list of his own best friends.

We were so undecided and it was hard for us to do that but his health is our first priority. MIL stayed home to look after Ryan for us, which i am very grateful for that!

Ryan missed going to day care very much..he even asked us why he didn't get to go...our answer was school is closed now due to winter cold. ..hehehe aiks..I know.. i know we might have problems when he really starts school that time..kekkeke..
but for now..we'll stick to this first..coz we really dunno what else to say to him.

I can tell he is bored at home with grandma..coz grandma can't teach him anything... that's sad..but his health is getting much better now. His appetite back to normal and no more sickness.
That's is more important now :)


MamaBoK said...

Yah..one thing about daycare is they get sick so much.. it's harder for us.

Gene Lim said...

Mamabok: Yea lor..what to do...nothing is perfect in this world

KeV's wAlKAbOuT said...

All the kids mix and play around, and thus germs get around pretty quick too.. obviously the day care's teacher not doing their job properly?

Gene Lim said...

Kev: U r absolutely rite..well, what to do.. this day care is the nearest for us..and cheaper..heehhee..i guess..when things come in cheap price..obviously quality is not quite good.