Sunday, August 19, 2007


Last Friday, Ryan was sent to his day care for second time and this time he did good. He cried for about 5 minutes and he did not puke!
ahahha...He had fun that day coz one of the kids there celebrated her birthday there. They have birthday cakes. How cool was that?!

When I reached the day care to pick him up that day at 5:20 pm, he was busy helping the day care providers cleaning up. He was so focus on cleaning up till he did not see me or hear me.
I have called him 3 times he did not hear me at all.. ;)
So, I have to wait till he finished and then I started to call him and say hi to him..
He was surprise and then his happy face turned upside down.. I dunno why he cried when he sees me..maybe because he thought of when i left him in the morning.
I have to carry him and asked him why..he didn't say anything...just so glad to see me and ready to go home with his tears rolling down on his cheek.
The following is the conversation between me and Ryan while walking back home :

Me: Why are you crying? Chou meh nei hum ar?
Ryan: *sob sob* em keen daddy lor (didn't see daddy lor)


Me: Is okie...daddy cannot come because stuck in the traffic... Daddy nei em tou yan way suck chee ar

Me: Did you have fun today? What did you do? Yau mou happy happy ar? Come yat wan meh yer ar? (Are you happy today? What did you play today?)

Ryan: *shook his head as is saying no**

Me: Come yat sek meh yer ar? (what did you eat today?)

Ryan: Sek cake lor...birthday ...blow ar..(eat cake...)

Me: Wah...peen kor birthday ar? (Whose birthday today?)

Ryan: Ingeela

Me: Angela ar?

Ryan: *shook his head as in yes*

Me: Angela leng em leng ar? (Angela pretty or not?)

Ryan: Hou leng ar (very pretty)


Me: Fun ook kei chou meh yeh ar (now we are heading home, what u want to do?)

Ryan: Yum nen nen ...cheen ar (Drink milk....blanky)

***I guess he missed his milk bottle and blanket *****


mama bok said...

Good that he is already doing so good. . :) soon he will be all ready.. :)

G @ said...

wah such vast improvement only on day two! not long, gene and u'll be FREE to concentrate on ur study/career! too funny he wants milk and blanky :P

Gene Lim said...

Mamabok: I really hope so :) hehehe

Grace: Hehehehe..i really hope so...i know i will be torn in between 2 later as in focusing on spending time with him and my studies too...