Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Being nice or Smart?

Ryan is very smart and his brain is always in thinking mode... why? well, these are 2 situations that happened in separate days and makes me observed him and concluded what i just said..

Day 1

Nowadays, Ryan sleep with his daddy in Ryan's room...i guess Ryan miss his daddy soo he has to sleep with his daddy.
One nite....Kit was snoring very loud..i could hear it even in my room.. Poor Ryan still not yet asleep at that time.. so, as i was trying my best to fall asleep with all the snoring noise from next door room..i heard Ryan trying to get out from the bed..
as he reaches the floor...daddy woke up and said

Daddy: Yau Zhen, heuy peen tou? ooi ooi ar ... (Yau Zhen, where are u going? come go to sleep)
Ryan: daddy mou wai ar... (daddy got no space here)
Daddy: Yau..lei la..ooi ooi ar( Got space..come n sleep)
Ryan: Daddy mou way ar...okie...mommy fun kor tou ... (Daddy got no space here...okie...going to mommy's room to sleep)

Day 2
Me: Kam mun nei fun peen tou? (Tonite where u going to sleep?)
Ryan: Daddy fun nnee tou (Sleeping with dadddy)

**** See how smart he is or being nice?... heheheh..he scaared to hurt his dadddy's feeling by telling daddy snored too loud....n i cannot sleep... instead..he just told his daddy that his daddy got no space to sleep in..
What a cheeky fella..

Scenerio 2
Well, in order to reward him to poop in the toilet..we told him he can have ice cream after he poop
so.last saturday we went to my Aunt's place in Toronto...and he didn't do his big business..
My aunt asked him wanna have ice cream or not.. he said...mei orr see ar (haven't bobo yet)
aweee..such a good boy here huh...well, my aunt is special..u can have ur ice cream eventhough u have not bobo..

soo of course our boy here is happily jummping up and down...waiting for his ice cream
so when the ice cream came..he only ate 1 sppoon and said...mei or see ar...(not yet bo bo)
and didn't eat the rest of the ice cream..

we were like wooow...soo good? YA! right...well, he doesn't like the ice cream.. because my aunt's gave the scoop one ..and the ice cream on the bowl..
he doesn't like it..coz the one he used to eat at home are the ones with drumstick cone thingy...yea with nuts, chocolate , fudge..etc..
so he is just being nice by saying not yet bo bo instead of saying the ice cream taste no good..


mama bok said...

Wow.. Gene..!! you sure have a SNAG .. in training.. ;)

G said...

fuiyooo kecik kecik already so panai being polite, good boy!! gene, u must be so proud of him, who wouldnt??

Gene Lim said...

MamaboK: hehehe thanks..err..pai seh..what is SNAG ar?

G: yea..can see alot of light from the tunnel liao..hehehe easy abit liao lor :)

mama bok said...

Sensitive New Age Guy.. ;)

Gene Lim said...

mamabok: amboi...manyak hi-tech ler u mamabok..kekekke... yea lor..i agree.. he is very sensitive one... what to do..follow the mother ma..kekekek