Wednesday, September 27, 2006

"fun kong ar" (go to work liao)

This incident happened last week on Sunday. Before i begin, let me intro some facts first. Ryan is a daddy boy and almost everyday he will wake up together with Kit during the weekdays.. (that is like 6.30 am) He wants to kiss kiss and huggie huggie his daddy before his daddy goes to work. If kit didn't kiss or hug him, he will cry till as if ppl hit him or something. Very "lemak" this boy... fault..hahaha..coz i teach him to express him feelings too much liao.. coz i fear like he doesn't know how to express his feelings like his daddy..i dun want that...i want him to share his mind with us when he is like i think i should start now..kekeke
Anyway, back to the story... so daddy will tell him...

Daddy: Daddy fun kong ar....fai fai fun (daddy has to go to work...will come back fast)
Ryan: huggie huggie ar,
Daddy: Okie okie...*hugggie huggie him* okie la..daddy fun kong (kit make his move to the door)
Ryan: Screaming.. kiss kiss ar
Daddy : oke okie...daddy come back and give him kiss kiss..on both cheeks and on the mouth too. (dadddy move towards the door again)
Ryan: Kiss kiss ar (what he wants now is..he want to kiss his daddy back)
Daddy: walk back to ryan and let ryan kiss him...

The whole thing will cause kit abt 3-4 mins ...before he can actually walk out the door.

This is not wat actually happened last Sunday. What actually happened was :

I was busy reading my book and kit was watching dvd...suddenly i heard Ryan saying

Ryan: Fun kong ar... bye bye....kiss kiss ar..huggie huggie ar
(he sling Kit's lunch bag on his shoulder and walk to me and told me this)
Me: Nei fun kong ar? okie....bye bye..fai fai fun ar.... kiss kiss mommy first ( you go to work ar? okie bye bye... come back faster ar)
Ryan: hai hai ar.... (shoe shoe ar) he walks towards the door and ask me to take his shoe for him
Ryan: Cher see (car keys)
ME: Cher see? nei you char cher ar? (Car keys? u want to drive car?)
Ryan: Cher see kong ...fai fai fun ..(car keys ar...go to work..come back fast) and he blew kisses to me.


this is what RYan do almost everyday since last sunday...he will pretend that he will go to work..sometimes kit will ask him where u go to work...then he cannot answer then he will kong ar..then kiss u till ur cheek wet.



mama bok said...

Hheheheh!! so smart.. Ryan is.. :)

Gene Lim said...

mamabok: heheh..thanks..sometimes..he really makes u laugh.. ;)

geetha said...

Very cute lah.. he is keeping you entertained at home and you won't miss Kit with Ryan at home ;P

Zara's Mama said...

So cute lar him... pretend to go work already.. :P

Gene Lim said...

geetha: yea... sometimes he drive me nuts too

Zara's mama: yea..can't wait till he actually can go to work..heheeh