Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Yup..u guys gonna see this word very often on my blog! heheh... yup they are already in our house. The moving day itself..already worn us out!
They started to move stuff on sunday morning where Kit and his younger bro went over to the house to help out. (PIL's house is just 5 mins drive from ours). I decided Ryan and myself stayed home and cooked lunch for them as well as getting ready for the stuff to come in.
Sil came over too..(i was surprised too that she came coz she normally wont do this kind of stuff coz she is afraid of problems..the best is..if u got problem..pls dun call her!)

As i was half way preparing the lunch (for 10 ppl), Sil called asking me..have u already cooked..if not we can order some food and eat?...duh!!! ask for fun... very fake! i dun really like her character..coz she is always pretending..never sincere or honest to u!
I really hate those type of person. To me..if u have anything to say to me..say it right into my face..dun go behind my back or something.
Well, i know she was just checking whether i already cooked.. coz if i have cooked already..she don't have to spend her money maa..
smart huh?!

By the way, her hubby..is even worst... frankly her original character was not like that.. it is because the hubby influence her. Omigosh..her hubby ..i can tell u..i have never met such a person b4!
to tell u the truth...he is the worst... worst than my mil.
My sunday was crazy for us. Imagine my house rite now is a mess...HELL MESS!!
and guess what?
this is the JUICY PART!
mil said this to me on sunday nite :

MIL: (in chinese of course..but i just traslate in eng) err..dunno whether should i go to work tomorrow....maybe take day off to unpack and tidy up the house (my house) la..

Me: keeping quite...silenceeeeeeeee.....

MIL: ummm i think better go to work la...no work no money maa...the stuff..u can unpack it slowly tomorrow maa... so nevermind la... slowly u can do it!

ME: rolling my eyes in shock!! thinking in my brain: what the F**** me? pack ur stuff tomorrow? hello?!!! ur stuff wor? how do i know where to put man? me? no wayyyyyyyyy!!!!
(in real): keeping silence............
the conversation ended..without any response from me....

soooooo..results ..till today tuesday already liao... still no tidy up... sighhhhhhhhhh my house is in real mess..
come on man..take la one or 2 days off...money soo important meh..walau eh! dun expect to know where to put ur stuff..
n ryan is running around the house...i have to put away on the side!
she really causing me lotsa problems and headaches eh!

Guess what other stuff she do?
u guys knew she is a freaking control QUEEN!
thismorniong already told me she will cook everyday if she didn't work over time!
ha! good la...as if i am dying to compete with u..to cook!
she just wanna take over my kitchen!!!!
slowly she is moving in man....
i saw her "colours" bit by bit day by day .....

GOD pls HELP ME! i do not deserve this! what did i do wrong to deserve this?! all i wanted is my own family..my family space..that's all!
give me the strength oh LORD to face her... give me the wisdom to face her every single moment!
I AM so frail now...pls HOLD ME LORD! I NEED U LORD...



geetha said...

Oopps, situation is not too good huh! You are gonna have a tough time with another person in your home.. no more privacy.

I really hope you both will make things out and see who should handle what in the house.. MILs in the house.. scary wor!

The other day I smack my little one for touching the TV wires, FIL scolded me! Huh? I told him I rather beat him than get him hurt. I cannot stand when they tell me how I should handle my kids.. how to pamper like mad. I love thme.. so I taek care of them lah *sigh*

I understand what you're going through.. Hang in there girl.

Zara's Mama said...

Yikes yikes yikes!! In laws are normally bad news!

Who loves their in-laws say Yaye! ... see, no response..

Aigh.. I hope you will have the patience and good humour to go through all these.. It's really never fun with in laws especially the control freaks.

Gene Lim said...

THanks gals! thanks for the support!! i really need it!
Sigh...i know what u meant Geetha...i face the same problem with my PIL. They spoil Ryan very much...they even carry Ryan when he supposed to be on his notty chair for 15mins.
Big sigh!!
Why do in laws behave like this?? why anyone know the answer ar?
i am just curious...wonder whether we will be like our in-laws when our children get older and have family?
Hmmm...just wonder?