Friday, June 09, 2006

countdown: 1 more day

We were soo busy for the past few weeks, days or whatever due to my in-law are moving in this coming sunday. YUP! i have left 1 more day to enjoy my privacy and freedom with my family :( .
I have no idea what the future holds for us... really clueless.. but definitely praying hard for strength and endurance to face this challenge.

I really hope the history will not repeat again. With all HIS blessings and protection, i will take this risk and move forward.

Goodbye privacy, goodbye freedom, goodbye being the only woman in this house! :(

i won't be blogging for next few days or weeks due to need to pack stuff and things settle.


Joez said...

Take it easy sis. Learn to see things positively. Choose to be Happy :)
Luv !

G said...

All the best, Gene. Sometimes people do change, let's hope for a turnaround this time. I know what you mean by goodbye privacy, freedom, etc, I am more fortunate in this case ... MIL lives an ocean apart.

Gene Lim said...

sis: thanks sis...will try :)

G: lucky u dear! well, i really do hope so... sighhhhhhh... well keep our fingers cross :)
how's the baby?

Zara's Mama said...

Good luck to you! Hope the in-laws will be nice.

Gene Lim said...

zara's mama: thanks! i do so!