Wednesday, May 31, 2006

my best moments....

I have nothing to post these days...looking through old pictures and found these....a series of pictures from Ryan was a few weeks old till current..the way how he sleeps... :)
One of my best moments is when my little angel is asleep.... ahhhhhhhhhhhh..peaceful.. :)

This happens yesterday:
***daddy took out a bag of potato chips to munch & i was washing the dishes and i heard:

Ryan: mummy ar ...pei ar...mummy ar.. (pei=give)
Daddy: pei mummy meh yeh? (give mummy what?)
Ryan: mummy ar..pei mummy pitttss (pittsss=chips)
...hehehe..see my little one..he thought abt me and soo worried that daddy eat everything..without leaving me sweet!

This happens last friday (morning when he woke up):

Ryan: lok hei ar( go down)
Me: lok hei peen tou( go down where)
Ryan : hei san ar ( get up)
Me: hei san cho meer ye? (get up do what)
Ryan: Chak nga ar(brush teeth ar)
Me: lol

Boyy...he wants me to get up and brush his teeth and go downstairs with him so that he can watch his sesame street programme.


Zara's Mama said...

Your "One of my best moments is when my little angel is asleep.... ahhhhhhhhhhhh..peaceful.."

Is it peaceful for you.. or for him? :P

So eager to kick start the day with TV huh?

Gene Lim said...

zara's mama: of course peaceful for me ler ;)
hehehehe... yeaaa..sesame street at 9 am.. then head to backyard for dirt adventure.

Joez said...

It's cute...even kids so young, knows what n how to look forward to on a new day :)

geetha said...

Aaahh, so peaceful lah the pictures. So nice to see pictures of baby/children sleeping :)

Gene Lim said...

sis: yea..they know alot! dun under estimate them eh..sometimes they will outwit u too :(

geetha: yea...peaceful for me too.. :) hehehe..

jairam said...

Aw, cute baby.

Gene Lim said...

jairam: thanks :)

G said...

Your baby Ryan sure grew up fast :) Thanks for sharing those precious photos!

BaByGeR said... your me an insight of how life as a mum and a wife is...wah...I better enjoy my life now......hahax.....but I think it's nice in a way that you have a loving family of 3. Treasure them. =D

Gene Lim said...

g: Yea...they grow very fast... ryan is already 2 years 4 months! :) no more midnite feeding for me...hehehe as for u..yea i know the feeling eh..but is all worth it! :)
u r lucky that no in-laws kacau u eh..kekeke ;)

Babyger: thanks.. yea u better... my advice to u..from my experience...enjoy to the fullest first..and makesure u ready to have bb only have bb! hehehe...
lucky u that someone tell u for me..not so lucky lor.. ;)