Thursday, May 25, 2006

wanna take a break...from being a mom, wife,? can ar?

Sigh.. dunno why i felt soo miserable today! Inside me i am sooo dying to be alone! hahaha..yeaaaaaaa... i need it soo badly eh.
I know no matter how cute and good Ryan is...sometimes he really does drives me crazy!
I am just being honest here.. am not a good mom here. I cannot give 100% of me to Ryan. I just can't.
I dunno how other mothers did it...i really salute them! It takes lotsa patience ..n me? i am not a patience person.

Today, Ryan didn't nap at all and he is just too demanding nowadays. I think i snap out and i punish him for no reason.
I just shut down and take myself away from home...from ryan and kit.

I think i really need my break soo badly!! U know what..sometimes i feel i can re-wind the time and decide not to have RYan..
BUt i can't! I know i should be thankful and grateful! but i am being honest here.. i am very tired and exhausted here.
I miss my single life..i really do!


letti said...

aww.....sometimes you need some time away to be just a girly girl and a woman..i know I would. You are a brilliant mom and don't forget that.. we all have to work at every role we play and i KNOW being a mommy is extremely hard work ... take a summer vacation, girl :) *hugs*

geetha said...

You just need some time for yourself, especially when you're a full time (at the moment).. it's normal. Get Kit to help you, and find some time for yourself. Go out with your friends.. have fun.

Zara's Mama said...

Sometimes we feel that way..
It's different being a mum. You don't have days off, Medical leave, break time.. it's 24x7 365 days!

Try to get hubby to look after Ryan so that you can take a break even if it's just for 1 or 2 hrs.. maybe that would help.

Gene Lim said...

Letti: Huggies back! I know... can't wait for this comming summer...need a vacation or get a job! hahahah

Geetha: I know..but too bad i dun have any friends overhere..sigh..sad hor my life? what the hey... i felt much better now...just one of the days u know..that i will snap out of it.

Zara's mama: Yea..kit got help sometimes..but u know la man...he dun really do it properly even feeding him dinner..aiyo..if kit feed Ryan..Ryan only eats 2 spoonful of rice..
so sad!