Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Ryan ala Lionel Richie

This happened on Monday where i was busy wiping off the dust from the tv rack. I love working with music on and i always listen to Lionel Richie's song.
I was playing his latest album call Just for U and "I still believe" song was playing. I didn't really focus on what Ryan was doing as i was busy wiping the dust, all of a sudden i hear this :

Ryan: *mumble ..mumble** arr

He was repeating this quite a few times and it caught my attention that he was trying to sing along with Lionel's song..

The part he was singing actually sounds like this :

Lionel: I still believe in you and me
Still believe the sun will shine one me
i still believe true love is the answer, don't turn away
cos i believe in love that's the only way

He was singing the sun part and away part...

I stopped my wiping and started to laugh so sounded very funny and soo hilirious...i just wish i can record it...too bad :(

He loves music..just like me! heehe maybe trained by me..coz i always listen to music no matter what i am doing...infact when i was pregnant with Ryan..i used to listen to lotsa songs.. :) it calms me down :)


geetha said...

Cool.. singing is good, both for you and Ryan.. keep it going :)

Zara's Mama said...

Yes.. you should record it.. and share it with us.. it'll be fun for all of us to listen too.

Gene Lim said...

Geetha: thanks...yea..we sing all the way ...i hope my neighbours won't get annoyed..kekeke

zara's mama: yea.. will do it next time :)