Tuesday, January 06, 2009

5 years old

Ryan is turning 5 years old this coming 25th January! BOy, time really flies... i cannot believe it. I remember i was holding him in my arms in the hospital the day he came to this world.
Now he can reason with me..and do listen to me..He is a very good boy overall. At times, being a boy..he do have some cheeky and naughty behaviour..but..he is a fine boy. I am very lucky and Blessed!

Everyone been asking me..when i am going to have second one...well, here is my answer..NO.
I know i cannot afford another one..and at the same time..i don't know how to raise 2 children..and i don't think i can pour out as much love to my second child like i did to Ryan.
Can i? Furthermore, financially..we couldn't afford it. I am half way through my studies..and starting my career soon..can i stop and do everything again?
I know i am selfish..once my friend said..money is not the problem..but to me it is..
i don't want my child suffer because of his or her parents cannot provide a better, and comfortable environment to live in.

And by the time i have money...my biological clock already passed the healthy level to have children..
so how ?
Is hard to answer the question of me having the second one..i truly dunno how to answer that question.


Joez said...

Don't underestimate God's power.
Pray n U will be blessed.

Happy birthday to Ryan, his birthday is on 25th Jan?

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