Thursday, July 31, 2008

Graduation...from Pre-school program

Ryan graduated from his pre-school program at the day care he went to. They made him a badge to wear, cupcakes, a certificate, picture with his teachers and a party!
Boy, i don't even get all that when i was his age. HE was pretty happy that day..showing off his badge!


mommibee said...

1. Congrats on graduating fro pre-school, Ryan!

2. Happy belated b'day, Gene. 30 is no big deal.

3. Sori to hear of ur depression. I would feel that way too if i were in ur situation. bad things happen all the time. just try not to let them eat u up. i kno how easy it is to crumble bcoz of something that didnt go right but u kno, it's not ur fault.

Stay strong!!

mama bok said...

Congrats.. Ryan..! what a smart boy yer are..! We are very proud of you .. :)

Gene Lim said...

Hi mommibee,

thank you so much for all the wishes and always :)
I am taking it easy nowadays..i guess i set my expectation too high! hheeheh

Hi mamabok,
Thanks dear... :) Chloe too very smart and beautiful :)
They are going to school this september huh? :) time really flies..our babies are growing up