Friday, February 29, 2008

Very belated Gong Xi Fa Cai

Oh my! I want to apologize for this late wishes. I hope everyone had a great CNY..year of Rat.
Oh boy, i have so much to update and i have no idea where to start..hehehe

Well, let see, I managed to finished first rotation of my second semester and actually on my study week break. Today is my last day of break. To tell you the truth, i did not break at all..i have been going to college to study since Monday till Thursday. Today i decided to take a day off plus i have to go for an ultrasound.
Will take this golden opportunity to update my blog plus make some money..kekekeke.

All my exams went pretty well. So much better compared to last semester. I started to get a better understanding on Biology (not a biology genius here). In fact, i am very proud of myself here coz i managed to get 85 for my bio..(last semester only managed to get 66)
I am happy that my studies went well.. been working hard..missing a lot of time with Ryan.
I was thinking..if i am sacrificing my time with Ryan..i better make the best out of it.
I have been staying late in the library till 9.30 pm daily. Start class at 8 am....i went out when is dark..came back also dark..
I am exhausted but is all worth it after i see my results.
I am very grateful to MIL for taking care Ryan for me. That i have to give her a lot of credits for!

Last rotation i was doing medication-giving meds, insulin injection, eye drops, ear drops, and learn a lot of diseases. is sad and scary!

Next week, second rotation, we will be doing wound care and I will be having my clinical placement at Henderson Hospital! Wohooooooooooooooooooo! i can't wait.. if i am lucky..i get to experience one of the surgery!
Will be at the orthopedics department.. with hip fractured ,knee replacement and all kinds.
I just love wound care!
My second semester will end after april 20th..still long way to go..

Then come summer, will get a job as personal support pays 15 bucks an hour! wohooooooooooooooooooooo! is abt time for me to bring back the BAA CONN!
hope everything goes well...

Ryan has grown so much..talks like an adult! will post pictures and u guys can see for yourself how much he has grown!


mama bok said...

Well done .. Gene..!! i knew you will make it .. :) *pat, pat*.. !! have a great weekend ahead ya..!!

Gene Lim said...

Thanks mamabok! **huggies**