Friday, February 01, 2008


Ai yoooo..really sorrie to everyone for not updating my blog...especially to mamabok...Thank you for thinking about me..i know i know...

where should i start leh... well, i am like super busy till i don't have time to even sleep. Second semester is like fast forward semester..they rush us like we go for class for theory...the next day we practice in clinical!
We are dealing with medications and injections.. ai yo... i super worried...that i made mistake...i am not scared of the needle..i just scared that i hurt my patient..hahaahah...
On top of everything...i have other classes to attend...and exam, assignment all due same day.
Day and nite i have been studying non-stop. Dream also dream about school work.

I have neglected my family...esp Ryan...i have not been spending time with him lately..and am grateful for MIL as she take care of him for me.
I just cannot wait for this semester to over and summer time that i can work a little bit and spend time with Ryan. I need to catch up all the lost time i missed with him.

Everyone is fine...Ryan just turned 4 years old last Friday! Will post pictures..hehehe..
Really... Mamabok..thank you thank you..i know u think and pray for me...same here my prayers and thoughts are with you and your family all the time...
I hope everyone is doing fine too...

CNY is next week..i didn't even have time to send any greeting cards...time just flew by so quickly i don't even remember which day is for what..all i know are when is my exam, assignment and skill tests due..
I know..i sound horrible...but i have no choice... too much stress lately for me..
I just finished 2 tests ...and i got 1 next week, and another 2 week after..
Work load is very heavy..and time is limited..
Hate that when it happens! i just wish i have like 3 days weekend...hehehehe


Mama BoK said...

Hey.. Gene,
A quick gong hei fatt choy to you first.. :) just glad to hear from you .. and that you are doing well.. :) hang in there.. g/f..! i know it is tough now.. but think of the future.. and the fruits you will bear for the whole family..! i know you can do it..!
Just update a line once in a while.. that way.. we know that kit didn't beat you up. .muahhahahaha!!!

Gene Lim said...

Hi mamabok,

Gong Hei Fatt Choi!! wish you and your family great health and prosperous new year! :)
THanks dear...ya ya..i will..eheeheh
kit beat me up? i think is the opposite eh..hahahahah ;)

sianie said...

Hi Gene, really good to hear from you again, i keep check everyday or so and no post!! Glad you are ok and everythings going well, like mamabok said, it will be worth it in the end...

Take care :D


Gene Lim said...

Hi Sian,

Thank you thank you :) Thank you again for thinking of me ....
yea..i hope everything will pay off later..heehe :)
JUst finished one test today..and clinical placement tomorrow..which i don't really looking forward to..coz i have to wake up at 4 am.. :(
I hope tomorrow snow storm..and everything cancel..wohooooooooo! heeheh
i guess i am dreaming..
anyway..u take care too... :) have a lovely weekend!

mommibee said...

happy belated cny gene! sori i also MIA for awhile. went back to KL for cny, shiok! dont u wori abt not bloggin nor visiting blogs Gene. Ur studies and work and family must come first. take care! *hugs*

Gene Lim said...

Momibee: Happy belated CNY to you and your family too.. Nice to hear that you went back to KL for CNY! I am sure you and your family enjoyed the vacation :)