Saturday, January 12, 2008

Durian anyone?

We bought these durian on Dec 27th 07 ...for 0.69 per lb. Both durians cost us about almost 10bucks.
Well, tasted ok ok only... better than nothing for a people like us who misses durian so much!

For those who don't know what is durian, it is a tropical fruit and also known as the king of the fruit found in asia countries such as malaysia, thailand, vietnam etc.

By the way, the ones we bought were frozen ones!


mama bok said...

Durian..!!!!! Yummy..!!!

Joez said...

frozen ? aiya, then ma have to wait few hours before u get to taste it. Over here, u can eat soooo much until u vomit or get sick :P

mommibee said...

i wan, i wan! $10 for two is a good price!
here i cant remember .. i see them at asian stores sometimes frozen, sometimes not but didnt buy coz KiwiG doesn't kno how to appreciate durian taste, kesian!

barramundi said...

Frozen ah..
Then got to bake it is it?

letti said...

WAH LAU YOU GOT DURIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mama bok said...

Weiiii..!! woman..!! so long no update..!!! drop a word leh.. ;)