Saturday, January 12, 2008

Bed in a box

Everything in this world is getting more and more convenient. You can even buy groceries through the net and now what's new? Bed in a box? YUP! shop all your mattresses online and save the hassle shopping around places for the right one! is a site where you can shop bed mattresses, adjustable beds, platform beds, as well as bedding accessories.
NO worries about without testing it because it provides 120 day in home trial basis as well as free shipping (selected in U.S locations)

Hassle free and convenient! Visit them now and start to enjoy the lovely mattresses that they have for you!


Jason said...

Bed in a box does a good job, from what I've read online, but different from them, I've found that is able to ship much faster, and their product is (for the most part) less expensive and better quality than Bed in a box.

Check out their coolest visco memory foam mattress, the Aloe Vera and many other all foam mattresses today!

Like bed in a box, they also offer a 120 night trial, but their's is totally risk free, meaning you pay nothing if you decide to return the mattress. A great way to go, from what I can tell, and overall... a quality memory foam mattress.

FTL said...

You can get a 5% discount off Bedinabox’s low prices for memory foam mattresses (which come with free shipping) and all their other bedding products by entering referral code 13591080511 when checking out.

I have their queen-size mattress and I'm very happy with it.