Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Tag: Fav Food In Your Country

Grace has tagged me earlier about my fav food in my country. This is very interesting because I have a lot of favorite food. I cannot list them all, hehehehe
Well, being home sick and missing all the good food in Penang, all I can say one of my many fav foods is Penang Char Koew Teow!
I really miss it! But good news for me because I found one chef that can provide me the exact same taste. Who is the chef i am talking about? KIT!
Yup, my guy knows how to fried a good char koay teow!
As a matter of fact, he did it last Sunday. So, I thought i can "pay" Grace the hutang of this tag.. ;)

So, the real Penang Char Koay Teow has the koay teow (one kind of noodle), prawns, Chinese Chives, Clams, bean sprouts and lap cheong (chinese sausage).
Penang is very famous with this dish. In fact, the famous Char Koay Teow in Penang is at Lorong Selamat , the sisters' Char Koay Teow.

Kit's Char Koay Teow in Hamilton, Canada has Chinese chives, bean sprouts, prawns or shrimps and fish cake. ( I substitute Chinese sausage to fish cake)-more healthy! :)
I really drooled on the dish as soon as Kit finished stir fried it!
Kit is really good in Char Koay Teow and Spaghetti. My very own noodle and pasta Chef!

People that i am going to tag will be :


sorry ler..these are the only people i can tag..coz most of the people already done this tag :)

Instructions.**Start Copy**

Proposition: What is your favorite food in your state or country?

Requirements: Find some info about the food and show delicious pictures of it?

Quantity: FIVE PEOPLE.

Tag Mode: You leave their blog and post link and add to the list below.

** The End **
Mybabybay loves Asam Laksa from Penang, Malaysia
Just My Thoughts loves Penang Char Koay Teow
My Lil Venture loves Laksa Sarawak
Montessorimum loves Teluk Intan Chee Cheung Fun
Chinnee loves Melaka Wan Tan Mee
PeiMunLeah loves Hakka Lei Cha
HuiSia loves Crispy Duck Skin from China
Karen loves Pan Mee
Simple America loves Cheese Enchiladas
Nicole Tan loves Char Tau Kueh
Velverse loves Otak Otak
Giddy Tigers loves Dim Sum
May loves Roti Bakar
Selba loves Gado Gado
Chen loves Satay
eastcoastlife loves Shanghai Buns
Kev loves ???
Bokjae loves Ipoh Sar Hor Fun
Cooking Momster loves Penang Heah Kor Chee Cheung Fun
Blur Mommy loves Clam Chowder
Mommibee loves Dominos Spicy Chicken Kickers
Gene loves Kit's Char Koay Teow


meow meow / MeowX2 said...

What this "tagged" thing is all about? Until now I'm still bler bler about it, hahaha...

eastcoastlife said...

Your hubby's Penang Char kuay teow looks yummy! Bet it tastes great! ^-^

I'll be in Penang this weekend. Must try the char kuat teow while I'm there. Any recommendations? :)

KeV's wAlKAbOuT said...

wow... looks yummy!! too bad can't eat any char keoy teow here in syd..

G @ said...

thanks so much for doing this tag despite ur ultra busy schedule, dear. such good photos some more. wah i am jealous lah, Kit so panai can charkoayteow and cook spaghetti some more! Kiwi G should crawl under a rock and hide in shame lah, haha!! i also love love love charkoayteow, penang or kl also i sapu habis habis, yummm.
Eh Kit got add chilli in the charkoayteow or not?

Gene Lim said...

Meow Meow: Tag thing is a entry that i "saman" you and u have to follow the instruction to do same entry lor.. U know the game "tag"? where kids run around and chasing each other to touch the other kid ..n they shouted Tag..u r IT! ..when the kid got touched..he or she has to run and chase other kids, same thing..i tag you to do the entry about your favourite food in Penang..take good picture abt the food u like and explain about the food lor :)
I hope i managed to explain it in details :)

Eastcoastlife: Thanks for dropping by.. Ya! Kit's CKT not bad eh..least i managed to get a good CKT in Canada ;) U can try CKT at Lorong Selamat, very famous..cooked by 2 sisters..they call them Sisters' CKT.
I will put and entry abt good food in Penang.. :)

Kev: No CKT in Sydney meh? What about the Malaysian Restaurant?

Grace: NO problem dear :) Hehehe u r so funny la..don't tease Kiwi G like that la... I am sure Kiwi G is hiding his talent eh... :) me too..i sapu anything...they used to call me tong sampah..coz i sapu everything..ahhaha..
Ya! got add the Siracha Chili sauce got no chili boh ma

G @ said...

i 4got to tell u, ur cooktop looks SO CLEAN!!!! U should see mine - actually i malu to snap a photo to show also lah. aiya really one, kiwi G fails big time in cooking chinese dishes - everything also ask, how do i do this, blah blah, hear also sien - of course i marah him lah, hahaha!

Gene Lim said...

Grace: AI that u say clean kitchen looks very old and u should see those stain...hehehehe