Thursday, July 12, 2007


Jeeze! I just got off phone talking to one of those government people. I am trying to apply for child care subsidy. I have been calling them and left messages and finally just now they returned my call.
What a lady i tell ya! She sounded so rude and treated me as if I am low class people or some stupid person who doesn't understand English!
Niaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa leh... She spoke horrible English than me! Sounded like Vietnamese offense.. but she does..

Asking me a lot of bullshit stuff and i was trying to get her name...and u know what she said.. I can't give you my will be another person u will be talking to if u call next time..
Well, these government ppl who work at the call centre...they really acted like from HELL!

Actually, i am not mad..but i am kinda upset with their attitude. If you don't like your job..don't do it!
Don't have to take it on you client!
Totally not professional at all!
And worst part is..who is the dumb ass that hired this lady who don't even like her job and don't speak well at all!
CRAP MAN! i tell ya


mama bok said...

Oh boy..!! ppl like that . .are sure terrible..!! that's why i let PB talk to ppl like that..! i donch deal with them..!

G @ said...

sorry to hear that. i also got similar experience with govt staff here too (usually local ang moh poh are very good and courteous but it's those who are not local - can tell lah from their thick accent), aksi borak.

Gene Lim said...

Mamabok: Yea lor... u r lucky that PB can handle for in my case, I normally have to handle it myself :(

Grace: Yea lor...hou chuen one eh...hate those ppl man!