Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I feel stuck & lousy....

Long weekend is over and there are a lot of things for me to worry here.
First, the funding i got from the government is not enough to cover my tuition fees..and now i have to worry about day care cost.
Well, MIL said she would prefer to send Ryan to day care so that he can learn more and she is willing to chip in few bucks for the cost of care.
But here, i don't really wish to borrow money from her...i truly expected that i can get enough funding from government to help me sail through my journey in college.

I called the financial aid office and talked to them. They told me due to Kit's salary, they don't see that we are in need of the money!
sighhh...i told them..yea..but i will have day care cost and PIL are living in with us.
How to survive with only single income?
I am talking abt tuition fees, books, expenses, child care cost, added to our regular expense.
Kit will explode man!

I don't understand this at all.... some kids can get 14k to 16 k alone and the blew it off by buying car, stereos and shopping..and not spending on their schooling stuff..
When it comes to ppl like me, who really in need of money..they tell me i don't need it!
I am so disappointed and frustrated here.
How on earth i am going to survive? The system sucks!


mama bok said...

Yah.. it sure does..!! it's gonna be hard .. if you cannot get enough funding. why donch you lay the cards again on the table for the financial aid to see.. where kit's money is going on a monthly basis.. maybe they will evaluate again..??

Gene Lim said...

Mamabok: Yea, we are going to umm see the financial aid lady this coming july 20th...well, first of all, i am getting like less than 2 k for the whole year course...and she said if i can prove any financial constraint that we are facing...with receipts and bills... the maximum amount i will get on top of it is 4 k..
can die or not?
4 k only eh...niaa leh...
they make it so hard...