Thursday, July 26, 2007

I am back...

Yup, I am back from my weekend outing! I am fully re-charged already from all the fun I had on weekend. Despite from all the fun i had, I was so tired and i didn't get a lot sleep since last Friday till Sunday night.

I had so much fun especially the
Joel Osteen Ministry event that I went on 20th July 2007.
The whole event was awesome and it was not as boring as compared to other ministry event thingy. I was so touched by the messages Joel preached. He is a really good Pastor.
If you guys are interested, you can go visit the website and subscribe for daily scriptures. I did subscribed it and it is very inspirational and life fulfilling.

My smom's daughter, Jasmine gave me a surprised too! She brought me to see the
Chinese Lantern Festival . It was fabulous and I had a great time.
For so many years, I get to be myself and unwind with no baby or family worries.
I am so touched by Jasmine's gesture. She treated me like a real sister.
She purposely gave me this vacation before i starts school.
She is sweet. My smom too.. Love them to death!

I had durian and we talked non stop. Yup! DURIAN...hehehe i had the whole was frozen one that smom bought..and i had to open it up! hahah..i dun care coz i miss durian soo much! I slept around 1 am on Saturday morning..and i slept around 3.30 am on Sunday morning..
So, with all the fun and lack of sleep, i lost my voice.
That's why i didn't get to update my blog for so many days! Been trying to charged up my battery...

Furthermore, Monday was the day I brought Ryan to the day care for trial out. It was free and I get to visit the place and talked to the child care providers.
It was fun and Ryan loves it there.
Didn't go back on Tuesday because i had to finish up my stuff for the Nursing course.

Thank God, I am T.B. free!

So, all in all... i had a blast fun and i am back to my SAHM responsibilities.
All fun has to come an end huh.. :)
But i still have another 2 more days to celebrate..which are tomorrow Friday and Saturday
Is my big day tomorrow!
getting another year old! Cannot believe i am 29! one more year...big old 30 will never get my "change"


G @ said...

welcome home dear! glad to hear u had a great time! ur smom and ssis are really nice! but then again, which person would not like someone like u?? Happy for u that u are TB free! happy bday again! 29 still young lah :D When u hit 30 i can say to u nx time, welcome to the 30's club, haha!

KeV's wAlKAbOuT said...

happy belated bday!

Gene Lim said...

Grace: Thank you thank you... hehehe young? i don't think so... will join you soon eh! ehehehhe

Kevin: Thank you thank you :)