Monday, July 30, 2007

Great Birthday

I had a blast this weekend. Well, of course because of my big day turning 29! but I was blessed this year for a wonderful birthday celebration last weekend.

Started on last Friday, my ex-colleague (met her from my volunteer job) invited us to join her birthday party at her home. Yup, literally, my twin! hehehehe It was awesome, she cooked so much good food for us.
The best thing is we were only the non-family members. She had all her sisters, bro in-laws, PIL, father and sis in-law over to the party. It was huge thingy.
She cooked roast beef especially for me because she knew I love beef and i dun get to eat it at home coz Kit dun eat beef. She also grilled salmon for Kit, rice for us..coz she knew we eat rice all the time, also, she had mash potatoes, roast turkey, 2 kinds of salads. The food was lovely! Sorry, no pictures..coz i dare not take any pictures because i was worried they might not like it.

We had 2 cakes and Tim Horton's coffee.! I felt so welcomed and her sister even gave me a bouquet of flowers and a card even though she only met me that day!
How sweet!
I was soo happy that nite..smiling all nite :)

I was really contented already...but God is soo great to me..Saturday we went to my Smom's place again to celebrate my birthday with them.
Smom's daughter, Jaz baked a cake for me...i dunno what it call but it has apple slices, walnute, and yogurt kinda thing. Tasted sooo good that i had 2 slices!
She bake the cake on Friday nite despite that she was tired and sleepy. She is so nice to me.
She even bake chicken wings for me...this is a huge thing..coz she don't cook at all!
I was soo touched!
She gave me 2 blouses as a gift!
I am really speechless! Again, no pictures..coz forget to bring camera.

Now, you think these 2 days of celebration really blew me off....YES!..and it did not just stop there..
Kit bought me a cell phone..the one with camera great is that? hhahahaha
then on Sunday nite, PIL came back from SIL's place with a mango cake for me!
I had 3 cakes this year...hahahahaahha
BEST BIRTHDAY SO FAR! even though i get a year older..but i am happy and pleased!

I only have the mango cake pictures..too bad! oh well, all sweet memories store in my brain and close to my heart!

The pictures looked like Ryan's birthday..but actually we cannot find any candles except the number 3 candle that i bought for Ryan's birthday..hehehehe
He loves to blow the candle...he will do the honor on everyone's birthday! ehehhehe
look at his silly post!


G @ said...

wow so many bday celebrations, so loved :D everyone loves u soo much Gene! ryan looks so cheeky in all the photos *LOL* the cake looks yummy, mango, yum yum!! so glad to hear u had a BLAST!!! Turning 29 isnt so bad after all :P

meow meow / MeowX2 said...

happy birthday to you, gene...

bokjae said...

A belated Happy B'day! and May our Lord continue to pour His favour on you and family!

Gene Lim said...

Grace: Yea lor..not bad at all :) Thanks dear :)

Meow: Thank you Meow Meow!

BokJae: Thank you my dear friend for your wishes! :)