Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Xmas tree pics

Terhutang punya pics..kekek pai seh.. i am supposed to take these pics like weeks ago!.. sorrie..was soo busy with studying lately.... sigh..i am on turbo gear now...rushing it before the school closed for xmas holidays.
Need to get the result letter before 22nd dec...and apply for my nursing course.. TOday i just got my 4th book... one more book to go and an exam..walla i am done!
But i need to do it in 2 weeks time... i really dunno whether i can do it or not..this means ..no survivor to watch, hubby has to take care of ryan every nite and sleep with him. Starting tonite..i will loose my beauty sleeps.. *sob*..
sigh nevermind la.... gotta do it!

Excuse the mess from the pic..as u can see ...ryan's toys everywhere..hehehehehe
pai seh
and of course..my skills of taking photos...very bad! so...excuse..excuse la ha..heheheh


geetha said...

Ryan is so cute. Nice tree.. definitely having the Christmas cheer in your home already ;)

Gene Lim said...

geetha: thanks dear....yea..can't wait for xmas....the tree was up b4 halloween..kekekkek

G said...

No need to say paiseh .. we understand how busy u are dear. Studies come first. Add-Oil, Add Oil! its only one more month and u're on yr way to the nursing course. U can do it Gene!!! Go girl!!! The Christmas tree vely nice loh! Is it 6ft? Wah all the shiny shiny bling bling stuff so pretty. Dont worry abt the toys, it's the same in my house too :D Wah got Xmas stockings on chimney some more, nice!

Gene Lim said...

G: thanks..g...added alot of oil ler..kekekekek... Thanks for the support!
Yea is 6ft... yea..guess what..we al cheapo one..those ornaments we bought at this store call dollarama..where all the stuff only cost 1 buck...so guess how much all the ornaments on the tree cost me? 25bucks nya...only the tree skirt cost 5.99..which we bought at this store call Zellers..cool huh? ;)
even the stockings were from the dollar store. :)

G said...

Gene: Wah good buy indeed for ur xmas tree. I dont think one needs to buy expensive ornaments for the tree. I always LOVE to shop at the dollar shops here too and their quality is good especially for household items, candles, knick knacks! Xmas stockings at the dollar shops here are very cheap too, AU$2 can get vely good quality, cute & big ones liao but we're not buying any decor for Xmas this year since you know lah, our house is not even finished properly. We're not even gonna buy a tree. We lagi el-cheapo lah, I asked hubby to wait till after Xmas when sure there'll be big big sale on Xmas trees and ornaments, then we buy for next year lah, haha.

Zara's Mama said...

Quite a nice tree you have there actually..

And your house.. quite nice ler. So much wood.

Gene Lim said...

G: hehehe no al cheapo la..i guess this is smart way to shop lor... actually we bought our xmas tree last year during boxing day..kekekek..it was only CND 20 bucks... ;)
THat should be the way lor ;)

Zara's mama: THanks dear... actually the wood on the floor..is not actually a real wood... can't afford it..kekeke...is just laminated one..those fake wood.

mama bok said...

Wow..! nice tree..! and up so early..! ours is up. .for 1.5 weeks already.. but not decorated..!! terrible right..?? ya.. we are..! but busy with the store front decor.. and then the resignation of Elf#1 ..so headache.. and no mood..!!

Gene Lim said...

MB: not terrible ler...coz u guys were soo occupied with the business and stuff..where u can u find time with the tree decoration..if got time also..u need ur rest too la.. so can understand ur situation eh :)