Friday, September 15, 2006

Virus attack us

Three of us are sick. Started with Kit with sore throat lead to cold and flu. Ryan being so attach to his daddy, he cannot run away from the virus.. so Ryan ended up having runny and stuffy nose. I was the last one caught the virus. Sigh... now three of us having trouble to sleep at nite esp Ryan. Luckily he didn't fuss much...he just kept awake and want to watch tv all nite. Ha... poor me and kit take turns to accompany him..making sure that he is okie. We did give him the medicine..but i guess the medicine not working at all.
Today we changed the second one. Kit got better already. I got worst today. Kit took all the medicine and left me nothing. I suffered last nite and today.
Not easy to take care a sick kid while u r sick as well. My GOD! i wish i had someone that can help me today. I wish i leave nearby to my aunt or sis or whoever!
Two days already...i didn't touch the book. Didn't have the strength at all. I am running late man... i hope i can make it!


Mama BoK said...

Poor thing..! i hope you all get well soon..! Brining up a kid is certainly not easy at all..!

Joez said...

Aiyoyo, take good care.
Luv ya !

geetha said...

So kesian. Take care dear..
Still got strength to blog ah?

I know its tough to care when you are not well yourself. Hang in there dear..

Gene Lim said...

I am soo much better now...Ryan and kit too! Ryan still got a little bit of runny nose now and then. I am still keeping an eye on him.

Yea..sick still can blog eh..that is only one thing give me pleasure..reading ppl's blog and sometimes if i am in the mood..i will blog.. :)
THank you all! :)

G said...

Glad to hear u are all much better now! I know what u mean when u said u wished someone was available to help (preferably people we like of course, hehehe, not people who will further antoganise us). Wish we're neighbours! Weather must be getting colder and the flu virus goin around huh? Take care dear!

wilfred lim said...
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Gene Lim said...

G: thanks G... i know!! well i am much better now..but still got the sexy voice..but i have just develop the cough! bummer!