Thursday, March 23, 2006

dinner time

These pictures taken during dinner time tonite... i thought i load it up just for fun. Its been awhile i last update my blog..
same ole reason..nothing to blog..except some pictures to view :)
TOnite we had plain white porridge with asparagus fried with mushroom, eggs fried with salted turnips and smoked ham fried with onion and mushroom.
Plain simple dishes... but kept our tummy really happy and full! :)
It seems like Ryan very happy too...he is trying to feed Kit asparagus with his mouth ;)
ENjoy the pics


rose said...

Hey dear,
Ryan is no doubt a cutie. I can't wait to have my hands on him then me won't let go d ... hehehe
You take care ya :):)

Gene Lim said...

hehehe..thanks.... u have to let go leh :P
am waiting for ur new contact info

G said...

Happy family dinner time piccies :) Nice. Did you all manage to finish all the 3 dishes? If I cook that amount, it would take me and hubby 3 days to finish the dishes, hehe.

geetha said...

Good to have yuo back on the blog!

Ryan is definitely enjoying his dinner.. with your mouth watering dishes ;) (pic 2)

Gene Lim said...

g: no we didn't... am learning how to cook less nowadays..i guess i haven't get it yet..always got complain from kit..kekekek...u see..sometimes kit wanna bring lunch to work too..if i cook less..he wanna bring...if i cook lots..he doesn't wanna bring...sigh..make me nutso!

geetha: thank you! thank you..that's all i can not fancy..but just simple one! hehehhehe

Zara's Mama said...

Ah, I like the pix with him feeding daddy asparagus.. such a loving boy he is!!

The food looks lovely.. Hmm.. hungry liao.

Gene Lim said...

zara's mama: yea..i like that one..that's what makes me wanna take pictures that time.. hehehe...