Sunday, February 12, 2006

Fun time with the snow

Here is Ryan with his first time playing with the snow at the backyard of the house....he is trying to build a snow pile..hehehe ;) Finally, we have been waiting for the snow to come ...coz we already got the snow boots and Ryan got the snowsuit for Christmas from Aunty Jasmine, my cousin in Toronto.


geetha said...

It looks liek fun. I love to play with snow too.

So, did he make a snowman?

Gene Lim said...

yeaaaaaaaa..he had a great time and he doesn't wanna go back into the house..but too bad we couldn't get the snow gloves for his he couldn't play long coz the gloves were all wet! :(

Snowman? hehehe noooo..weell he try to..just the part of the body i guess..hehehe ..but i did make the snow angel..been waiting for a long time to do tat..u know..the one lying down on the ground..

G said...

Awesome to be able to play in the snow in your own backyard!

rose said...

Hey Gene,
What happen to you lar? No sound from you for so long. Been busy ar?

Take care :)